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Hamster on a wheel

That would pretty much sum up my situation !.
I did not see this coming but my life has taken a very busy turn! Struggling to keep up, updating my blog has taken a back seat. Every attempt to sit and write an update has failed .
Still I did not want to let my memory keeper die completely.
Isn't it a little bit crazy that Summer is officially over and Autumn has began? what? Where did February go? ! Here we are almost  in the end of  March.
I have been sewing a lot more than I usually do .
I made cushion covers with upholstery fabric that I ordered from a store called Millers here.
I found the tutorial on you tube and really liked it because it was really quick. I finished four of these in an evening. Other than that, I've also been making more blocks for my quilt for the Modern 9 Patch Mashup Sampler Quilt Along . I find strange comfort in cutting up fabric and sewing them together. I'm not upto date with my blocks  yet . It has been a learning curve,with fabric selection…

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