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Sew happy

My remedy for cold rainy damp days these days is sewing. As the skies become grey, heavy with the rain clouds, so does my mind.  I open out my window, sit  close to the heater, pull up one of my favourite playlists  on You Tube, Ed Sheeran this time, and start sewing my blues away. Oh I just love sewing bags .This bag has been in the making for a while. I go about gathering stuff to make a bag n then let them sit.Then after a long long time, I suddenly get the urge to get it done and get it done in a day.  I've added some of my favourite features in a bag_ quilted exterior, polka dot lining and pockets . I wanted to add a magnetic snap as well but misplaced the one I had . So I went ahead and finished the bag. And wouldn't you know?! Found the said snap as soon as I finished the bag. Oh well, there will be more bags and I will add them then.
The sun did show up eventually and I was happy to take pictures and there is a wee little mouse running around in the yard outside. I just…

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