Crochet in the family

Does Crocheting run in the family?

I have always wondered if Crocheting is environmental or genetical. I have never seen anyone actively crocheting in my family. My paternal grandma had plenty of lovely crocheted things around the house though I 've never seen her crocheting.
When I was about seven or eight years I vaguely remember going to an Exhibition from Madura Coats,displaying a wide array of threads.My mom got a green spool of thread , designed her own doily and presented it to her friend.That was the only time I saw her crochet.I have wanted to crochet eversince.
My mom wasn't too enthusiatic about me taking up crocheting .The reason being her fear of me spoiling my eyesight,like her aunt who completely lost her vision as a result of doing too many needle crafts.
I finally self taught myself  from the net. I wanted to do something to keep myself from getting depressed in a very new country with no friends around. My son had started regular school by that time and I was feeling pretty lonely.

Anyways I am very happy I finally learnt to crochet, coz it’s a very great stress buster for me. Not to mention the compliments that comes along unexpectedly. Like the one I got from my brother………… “Your doilies look just like grandma’s”. A compliment like that from him is something coz he never comments easily on anything. I was so touched even though I have a looooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go before my doilies look like the ones my grandma made!!!


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