Snowflake Mondays

Yay!!!so I am going to be doing Snowflakes on Mondays!!!!!I need something like that to keep my mind from wandering to other projects to crochet.My plan is to make as many snowflakes as possible so my tree looks like this in Dec 2006

A very kind online friend, RAOKed me four snowflakes books .They are absolutely fabulous !!!!II have several snowflakes pattern I printed off a Russian site.I plan to make some beaded snowflakes.So that makes me all set to go .Now I can't wait for Monday to come!!!!!!

These are some of the snowflakes I had made previously.These are made with metallic knit Crosheen from J&P Coats.I used 1.5mm Jimra Record hook.This thread was also a gift .we don't get these kinds of thread here.I loved the white and silver sparkle thread .The way these flakes glitter against the fairy lights on the tree. I have found that plain white thread dipped in silver glitter also looks just as good but there is something otherworldly about these flakes in metallic thread.


  1. Your doilies are beautiful Raquel! And the snowflakes are lovely!


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