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I have also fallen in love with yarn eversince my online fairy godmothers introduced me to yarn ,with their RAOK of yarns and patterns from the U.S.
I work with yarn,when I like to do mindless crocheting.I mean when I can just let my mind travel to all the places it wants to go and not pay much attention to what I'm doing. Like when doing a simple sc or dc scarf.Or a very uncomplicated pattern.Like the ones below

The lovely yarn I got the other day,was so soft and warm,that a Poncho for my niece ( our God child), seemed like a good idea to me.
This pattern from www.luv2crochet.com looked cute and wasn't as intimidating for my very first attempt at making a poncho.

I wouldn't be truthful if I said I wasn't intimidated , Yasmin,offered to help and we decided to do a crochet along.(in case I get stuck in the middle)The pattern turned out to be pretty easy to follow and also worked up fast.
I was excited I had the K hook called for in the pattern . And had similar coloured yarn.To brust my little bubble, I couldn't find the same sort of novelty yarn for the edging.
Yasmin came up with the idea of doing a simple shell edging and so we did that as an alternative for the lack of disco yarn used in the pattern.
This yarn(70%acrylic and 30%wool) is a rare find in these parts of the world .
I loved the luxurious feel of the yarn in my hands while working this poncho .
I'm soooooooo pleased with the way it turned out,although it looks a little loose on her. The ties are there to take care of that. The ties weren't there in the pattern.Yasmin (again)gave me a simple easy to follow instructions for that.
My niece loved it .


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