This Doily is called Jasmine.I had finished it a while ago but had felt lazy about blocking.As much as I enjoy making doilies,I hate the blocking part of it.
I made this doily with DMC 8 Perle' Cotton Jimra 1.25mm hook.The last row is done with a similar looking pink varigated as the thread got 0ver as usual .
It doesn't show too much difference,does it?


  1. That is pretty, Raquel!
    I also dont like to block my work, I dont have any patience to do that! I just dampen it and shape it with my fingers and leave it to dry on my bed, (no pins!) after an hour or two, I take a photo =)

  2. Very pretty ! Yea, you said it ....I hate blocking too. All my snowflkaes are waitng patiently ...Some day ....


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