Fahaheel yarn shop

 Having only learnt crochet and a bit of knitting after coming here to Kuwait, I have no idea about the availability of yarns or any other supply things in Kuwait.
Yesterday ,after my painting class got over,I had to buy some paint and went into the nearby shop , which the painting teacher had told me about earlier.I found some yarn here and got some of yarn.The yarn store, is more or less of a all sewing supplies plus a fancy store combined into one, kind of store.
Inevitably,I gravitate towards the yarn section there and always end up buying some colour yarn out of the limiting colours available here.Now I have visited this store before, and noone can understand why I need to buy yarn everytime I go to the store............I don't get it either!But I have a very indulgent dh - he even comes to the yarn store with me and helps me pick out the colours every single time!!!!
This is the only store I know of, now,there probably are more around that I don't know about.
For once I stayed away from the Pinks ( I unconsciously pick up some shade of pink,all the time,even if I have every known shade of pink thread and yarn)and got some nice green shades.
While I was at the store,a lady came up to buy yarn,hoping to find a crochet buddy or atleast someone interested in some sort of fiber art,I smiled at her,well she looked at me like I was some weirdo and turned to the other side.So much for my efforts at finding a buddy to talk about yarns and about crochet!!!!


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