Today being Snowflakes Monday,I managed to finish one snowflake.Altogether I have three snowflakes now.Not blocked yet.I need inspiration strike me before I can block my snowflakes.And then I would block them all at a single go.

Do you know how hard it is to crochet with a very active toddler around.?Especially when he thinks it fun to frog everything mommy crochets.
Ask me!!!!..
In the morning,I rushed through the cooking and chores at hand.Started early to make my snowflakes .I was so excited when I finished one snowflake . Ah! and here I was thinking I would make several today with the pace I was going today.I let my heart soar high and dream of making many more today . Wow I would have so many snowflakes the end of the year on my Christmas tree.And yes I would give the excess as gifts to my mom and mother inlaw.
And Thud!!!! back to reality!!!!!
I made the mistake of leaving it on the low table to get my scissors.What should I find when I come back,my little munchkin all tangled up in the thread he had frogged and unable to get out of it. Yes he had frogged the whole snowflake!!!!!!.I didn't know whether to laugh or cry although I was sorely disappointed with my labour gone waste.
I had forgotten to charge the camera battery or I would have shown you a picture of how cute he looked all entangled like a little kitten in the yarn.
This is better coz he once frogged an entire doily I had made.
Oh well I had to make the snowflake again and remind myself not to count the chickens before they hatch.

Finally made up my mind to join Crochet Olympics ,I'm planning to do a with a rose in the centre called a Rose by any other name.I hope I manage to finish it with the stipulated time.Its fun to see so many participants in the race.And I'm really excited about it. Go Go Go!!!


  1. Oh my! Little kids do get into everything, don't they? I look forward to seeing some pictures of your snowflakes. :)

  2. Hi Sue
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I'd love to see that little kitten . Yes, I can imagine how it feels to have your work frogged out. My son had such activities too.
    Looking forward to seeing your snowflakes.


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