The day I Love

Wednesday is truly the day of the week I love .
Its the start of the weekend for us plus its my ME day.I get to go to my painting class,spend two hours all by myself ,learning to oil paint,chat a bit with the other ladies in the class,admire everyone's work.I like the chatting and looking at what everyone is doing ,part rather than the actually learning to paint part .Its a pity noone is interested in crochet or knitting there.However its a very welcome and refreshing treat for me.
Dh takes care of the house and kids,while I am away and drives me back and forth to the class.When I come back ,the house is always spick and span .(isn't he the sweetest!!!!)Usually after the class gets over,we go shopping for a nice DVD to watch together as a family, later in the evening.Inevitably,I graviate towards the yarn shop near by and always end up buying some colour yarn out of the limiting colours available here. Noone can understand why I need to buy yarn everytime I go to the store............I don't get it either!But I have a very indulgent dh - he even comes to the yarn store with me and helps me pick out the colours every single time!!!!
When we come back home,we all like to settle in front of our T.V, with our take out dinner and watch the movie together.
Yesterday ,after my class got over,I had to buy some paint and then went into the yarn store and got some of yarn.For once I stayed away from the Pinks ( I unconsciously pick up some shade of pink,all the time,even if I have every known shade of pink thread and yarn)and got some nice green shades.
While I was at the store,a lady came up to buy yarn,hoping to find a crochet buddy or atleast someone interested in some sort of fiber art,I smiled at her,well she looked at me like I was some wierdo and turned to the other side.So much for my efforts at finding a buddy to talk about yarns and about crochet!!!!


  1. Aside from the non-smiling lady in the yarn store, life sounds like heaven! :)

  2. Thats a wonderful husband ! Life does sound like heaven. So happy for you. And your magic wednesdays.

  3. Thanks Sue and Yas
    Sure Life is heaven but only on Wednesdays _for which I am very grateful.

  4. Oh I know how frustrating it is trying to find a crochet friend in your neighborhood. I waited so long for that. Now, thank God, I think I found myself one! Someone browsing online saw my sites, she emailed me, and we were both surprised we live in the same village! She went over to my house and she even bought some of my threads. Isnt it great? So I know one day you will also find a crochet buddy, just keep wishing, Raquel!

  5. Thanks Mimi for visiting my blog. What a cool way to find a Crochet buddy, I will keep hoping to find one too .


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