The Olympic Crochet Along

OMG its finally here...After the restless wait for the day to start,its finally here.The day when the Olympics start and also the day the Crochet Olympics starts.
I have chosen to make a doily called A rose by any other Name,The project you choose is supposed to be challenging.
Whats challenging about this project?The challenge for me is to find time to crochet!!! .Its a BIG challenge to crochet with a toddler at home,who thinks,taking a nap is a total waste of time and energy.I will have to crochet standing up if I crochet when he is awake,coz if I sit down ,he needs to get into my lap and throw out everything thats already sitting there and frog whatever I crochet.Add to that my seven year old who is constantly upto something trying to does the microwave handle wax candles and so on.............I might write a book on those adventures one day.LOL
I have put together a little box that contains my scissors,hook and thread with the pattern book .I am sooooooooo ready to go
Its always fun to do CALs and see what everyone comes up with .


  1. SO it's begun....All the best ! Hope you meet the challenge.
    Dont forget to share the pictures of your project...altough I already know it'll turn out great.

  2. Good luck with your project, Raquel! Hopefully your little one will let you get in lots of crochet time. :)


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