Lacy Tissue Box Cover

Here's the Lacy tissue box Cover I was making a hue and cry about.Ok go ahead and laugh as much as you want at me for sweating over such a simple design .............but hey I finally completed it instead of just throwing it into the WIP closet and leaving it there never to see the light of day again!!!!!
I did not have the tiny roses the pattern required to dress it up at hand.So I embellished it the best way I could and got done with it .This embellishment has another advantage coz it works like a drawstring too.So when you lift the box,the cover doesn't come on to the hand leaving the box down,kwim?
I know I completed this project very late this being the 10th week project at Snowflakes88 , I am happy I got it done.Now that I know what mistakes I did with this one ,I believe it will be easier to make the few other covers I plan to make sometime in the future.


  1. Yay! I like it in white, very neat. And the lace design is lovely!

  2. Nice work! So glad you didnt give up on's worth the wait.

  3. very lovely i really like it. good job.

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