Looking Back

Two months have passed,since the New year started,and I got thinking about the resolutions I had made at the beginning of this year.No not resolutions about my life,but Crochet resolutions.Did I keep the ones for the year?

I want to make a snowflake every month one for each month .

I want to make an afghan or at least a small baby blanket from a graph .

some really pretty doilies.

I want to learn to make a sweater

crochet some things that I've never crocheted before,Like the ,tissue cover , grocery bag holder .

Never keep WIPs,always start a new project only after finishing what you are working on.

I was pleasently surprised that I did keep my resolutions after all!!!!!Crochet resolutions are easier to keep I guess.
I am so proud of myself that I have no WIP in my craft closet glaring at me.

I have made a couple of pretty doilies

have made ten snowflakes,(still unblocked),Joining Snowflakes Mondays has been a great inspiration .Ten flakes in two months is not bad at all huh?

I am almost done with the sweater I was making for my son,Since Spring is already here: there are pretty yellow and green carpets of dandilons everywhere here; he will use it only next year.Anyways,I still haven't assembled it and I hope it fits him by the time he is ready to use it . Children do grow up so fast,if it doesn't, I can always save it for my little one.

I started doing a tissue cover today. Its called pretty Tissue cover .A weekly project at this wonderful Yahoo group I belong to Snowflakes 88.Although this group is mainly about snowflakes, there are a variety of things to make every week . I am pretty nervous ,but then there has to someplace to start and so jumped right in.

Now that school year end is fast approaching I have to think about gifts I have to crochet for my son's school teacher and sunday school teacher.I am torn between doilies and bookmarks.


  1. Congratulations in keeping with your resolutions, Raquel! I'm sure you'll have a christmas tree full of beautiful snowflakes...I'll be looking forward to seeing your future projects =)
    (P.S. I also resolved to have only one project at a time, instead I have added some more this past month, so I counted at least 5 WIPs!)

  2. So proud of you. No WIPs!!!! Wow! You are a true inspiration...
    Please tell me how you manage to stick to your crochet resolutions ???? You are a good girl and deserve a treat! Well, I need to learn a thing or two from you.
    P.S. I'd love to see your projects!!

  3. Thanks Mimi I hope to have plenty of snowflakes on my tree too.

    Hey Yas ,you know I learnt it all from you!!!!-->

  4. [...] I still don’t have a significant FO to show here .(*Blush Blush*) I have managed to get about five WIPS in the past one or two weeks.How that happened,defeats me!!!! .But here I am slacking in my crocheting lately and throwing all my new year resolutions to the winds!!!! [...]


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