Love is in the air

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am sooooooo in love!!!! in love with the Lion Brand HomeSpun Yarn.
In an incredible RAOK I got two skeins of Homespun in the colour Meadow,(along with many other different yarns ).
The moment I laid my eyes on it,I knew,this was the yarn for me.So I decided I was going to make something just for me with that yarn.Since we don't need scarves here in this rather short ,not so cold winter,I found out a shawl pattern from the Lion brand patterns site to work on.
I am not the only one in love with homespun the boys have also fallen ,tried to claim for themselves.ha as if they would get it!!!!They now think I am an evil selfish woman bent on saving the best for me !!!!
From all the reviews I heard about it ,its soft ,it hard to work with and so on...........nothing is compared to touching and feeling in person. .Its soooooooooooooo soft and luxurious ,the colours so rich .........gosh I have not been able to put it down ever since I started working on it.So far I have had no trouble working with the yarn.
I don't know yet if the yarn will be enough to complete the shawl,but I am going to get more of this yarn in future .Lion brand doesnot ship yarn here but thats not going to stop me from getting the yarn that I love.I would beg borrow or steal for my homespun yarn!!!!!


  1. Lucky girl! When I was new in crochetville I also got a wonderful surprise of assorted LB fur yarns. Seeing and feeling yarns from abroad is like magic!

  2. So happy for you ! It sound so wonderful. I hope u do use them for special things for yourself . I can just imagine ....I wish I would too get to feel it someday!

  3. How nice! Homespun is lovely,isn't it? Enjoy!


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