Riding around

.I've been doing some of the stuff I love ,this past week.First of ,Being constantly looking for deals on art and craft supplies,we found this tiny shop where they sell art supplies for a very competitive price. I hoarded up on the paints and brushes like there's going to be no tomorrow.For the rainy day ,you know.
We ,then accidentally bumped into a coooooooooooool roadside eatery.Usually while going to the city,someone is always hungry and that some one happens to be either me or my seven year old . The Aroma of sherwama that seems to fill the air around that area,makes the sandwiches at hand seem absolutely tasteless.

So, as we were passing through this dark deserted street,the irresistible aroma wafts by and we just had to stop and check it out .We treated ourselves to some heavenly shisma rolled up in kubboz with garlic labeneh spread on it .Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!!When it comes to Arabic cuisine I am a total slave.

The school closed for my seven year old and the next academic year will start in a week.The weather being just perfect,called for some sort of entertainment.We decided to make use of the time and went out to have some more fun at the Entertainment City .A family friend got us some free passes that  they passed on to two other families  as well. They said that  food and drinks were not allowed  inside, but we we were allowed as I had a baby.Usually ,except for the entrance fees, most rides are free and you can go on them as many times as you want.A few rides have to paid separately like this one
Since  on this day , only Employees  of this particular company and their friends were allowed, it was not crowded at all and we got to  roam around and play on the rides freely.

 panoramic view
Had a  refreshing time there, though we all came back with hardly any energy left .

On the Crocheting front,I have not done anything at all.Literally on a Slump.The reason could be that the need to constantly entertain two young children at home has sapped the Creative Spirit in me .


  1. Don't you love finding wonderful new places to eat! Sound yummy even though I'm not familiar with the food. :)


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