Roses In The Desert

Roses bring these lines inevitably to my mind

"I send you a cream white rose bud

With a flush on its petal tips"

These lines also makes me take a trip down memory lane and bring back sweet childhood memories .

I was probably eight or nine at that time.When our kind neighbours were moving, they uprooted a rosebush from their garden and gave it to us as a parting gift. The rose bush had roses that exactly fit the description of the roses in the verse above. And ever since, that rosebush became my mom’s and my favourite plant in the garden.

I remember gazing for hours on end ,at those roses from my window captivated by the beauty of these flowers _ thinking how perfectly beautiful each rose bud was ; how heavenly they smelt. I liked to believe that angels wore roses on their hair that were exactly the colour of these roses .

Our rose bush was always full of roses on them.So full ,you could seldom count how many flowers there were on the plant.My grandma would pluck out the roses,make small bouquets and send it ailing family members or as birthday gifts.I was always the one, assigned the job of delivering them and I loved seeing a glow light up on the faces of the recipients.

I had my own little rose garden as a teenager .When I got married,I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Roses were my dh’s favourite flowers too.We 've had atleast one roseplant in a pot in the small flat we lived in back in India during the early days of our marriage.

When I came here I was kind of shocked to see roses plants .I never expected to see much greenery anywhere here much less to see a rose plant.So ,sometime in late December last year,we went and bought this rose plant,it had a few buds on it but the saleperson at the nursery didn’t know what colour it was.Thinking it was a red rose ,we got it but when those buds bloomed , were astounded to be greeted with a lovely shade of Orange.!!!!
I didn’t expect the plant to last more than a month given the extreme climate here but this plant is special I guess. She has withstood the extremes and also bloomed here in the desert .
Ok heres the picture of my rose plant in bloom.


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