The Good ,the bad

The one big exciting news this week is that my cousin is expecting her first baby!!!I so wish it would be a niece so I can make all those pretty pink girly clothes. The boys out number the girl in the family. Making stuff for boys is fun but it’s not as much fun as making things for girls or shopping for girls.

Things have not been all rosy though.

I was pretty excited I finally found a library……..not exactly a library, a used books store…………..I haven’t found a good library over here yet and its been five years since I have lived here!!!!!sigh………well on to my sob story,I found a great book and the owner of the store told me about the scheme he had where I could read the book within four days and return it for a 75% refund. I paid him the full price of the book.Sounded a great deal to me ,having longed for too long to get hold of a good book to read. to cut my long story short, I went to return the book within four days he swears I paid only the half price of the book which I didn’t. And refused to refund 75% !!!!!!!.I shouldn’t have taken him on his word Oh well we live and learn!!!!

The last biggest bummer was that the much anticipated Doulos was not allowed to dock at the Shuwaikh port.For whatever reason.Being totally crazy about books I was planning to make up for the dearth of Crochet books and other books here by visiting this biggest sailing library and going all out .All the castles we had built up over the last two weeks just fizzled into thin air .We still havn’t gotten over the disappointment.*sniff*

There you come back after a week to see what I’ve been upto and I greet you all with a biggest whine of the week………..sorry about that. I just had to get it out of my system

I will come back and post the picture of the tissue box cover I finally completed tomorrow


  1. That is good news, Raquel, I also hope you'll have a baby niece - lots more nice stuff to crochet for =)
    And for the bummer, that bookstore owner just doesnt know how to keep his customers.
    And I would have been disappointed too if I were anxiously waiting for the Doulos! I just read the article and it sounds so amazing! Anyhow, I hope you get another chance to see it.

  2. Congratulations on the Good news. I do hope you get a little niece ( Boys are really sweet in their own ways too - both of us know that) but little girls are just something else- Both of us know that!)
    The bookstore experience is truly so maddening !!Some people are usch crooks...well, it's their were going to be a promising customer.
    Doulos was here last month. It was just amazing...all kinds of wonderful books and the prices unbelievable!!! If it is any consolation, there weren't too many books on crafts , just a few,but other books were just too good...especially recipe books.

  3. Thanks Mimi and Yas for dropping by

    Yas thanks for the update on Doulas........yea it was a big consolation that I didn't miss out on the Craft books

  4. You know, I was excited about Doulos because it is coming here in May, but now Yasmin says there weren't too many craft books...Sigh. We don't have very good book stores here.

    Hope you have a niece, too, girls are so much fun to make things for!


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