The light at last

Duh!!!!Why didn't it strike me earlier that there could be some mistake in the pattern for the tissue box cover?!!!!Ok after all that hair tearing,it finally dawned on me that there could be something wrong with the pattern and I was right!!!!!One part of a sentence had gone missing when I printed it off the email.Luckily this pattern is also available online so without any further delay,I rechecked and found out what was missing.My tissue box cover is shaping up nicely now.Phew!!!!What a relief!!!!


  1. Well, that explains a lot! Glad you got everything fixed. :)

  2. Good, you now have a complete pattern! I'm glad we are soon going to see your project done =)

  3. Good for you the pattern was available online. Anyways, now we can see a picture soon? I can hardly wait .


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