The National Month of Crochet

Did you Know that March is the National Month of Crochet in the USA?!!!!!!
I DO wish I was there in the USA this month ,but since that is not possible,I am going to celebrate Crochet in whatever way I can!!!!Ofcourse I won't have the privilage of shopping for yarn or patterns or participating in the events connected with it.But I am going to celebrate it anyway.
The first thing I want to do is Crochet more ,as if what I am already doing isn't seriously....I do want to crochet more. Try to make different things,learn a couple more stitches or so
None of my cousins and aunts know I crochet ,so I am going to show them the stuff I made and get them interested in the art and maybe even make them a doily or something..............So that they can appreciate crochet as an art form too.
Now my son has been pestering me to teach him to crochet I will try to teach him and see if he develops an interest,well then I could gain a crochet friend sometime in the future.
Wish I had the huge supply of yarns and patterns like in the U.S to shop for more yarns and threads, but I will continue to buy the almost good for nothing yarns available here just for the joy of buying yarns and keep searching for patterns here and also on the net.
So far I found out these on the net as part of the celebrations.I will try to add more links I come across here in the month as part of my celebrations.
Crochet Guild of America is offering Free Patterns during the month as part of the celebrations

I don't know if this is part of the Crochet Month celebrations,but,I need to tell my dear readers about this cool survey that Bernat yarns is holding . When you complete both parts of the survey (about 20 mins),you get two free pattern booklets in pdf format as an reward
I just got mine in the email today.I may never make any of the patterns here but it feeds my PAS.(pattern acquisition syndrome)*grin*
Finally here is a button I made to celebrate Crochet feel free to snag it if you like it



  1. Sounds awesome! I haven't heard enough about Nat'l Crochet Month here in the state so I'm glad you heard about it where you are. Sharing your craft is a great way to celebrate! :)

  2. Yes, Lets celebrate CROCHET. I wish too to be in USA for this particular celebration....but then we can celebrate in our own way...I'm teaching my older SIL to Crochet..and looking for more people willing to learn.


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