The struggles of a novice

The tissue box cover I am working on is driving me nuts!!!! I have frogged it twice already,thrown two half done pieces into the dustbin and have started all over again three times.And still I am stuck in the top part of it.I think having worked from symbols from so long,I have lost the patience to read and understand patterns.The pattern looked simple enough.The finished piece looks so pretty in the picture. However for some reason I am not able to get past the top part of it.I am so ready to scream but I don't want to put it down either.If I do it will eat up my brain.I get so obsessed with whatever I work on that I can't put it down until I get it right. I didn't even make a snowflake yesterday because of this. :(


  1. Too bad are having a tough time with this pattern. I'm sure you'll get around, I know you can do it! just dont push yourself so hard. Maybe take a break ...make a snowflake and try again. All the best.

  2. Some patterns are very difficult to read! Is the picture good enough so you can fake it a little? Crochet can be very forgiving that way. ;)

  3. Thansk for your suport Yas and Sue.I just figured out away .


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