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The mini vacation that the seven year old had is over and is back to school today.Feeling quiet and relaxed after all the excitement of starting a new academic year:getting new books from the new class,wraping them with brown covers and labelling them with colourful labels (choosing out the labels).I even got a kiss of appreciation from the seven year old.(spontaneously which is becoming rare these days)
And in the humdrum of getting everyone ready and packed to school and work,we had an unexpected visitor this morning .He was greeted with squeals of excitement and joy,causing much discomfort to our startled visitor!!!!
Meet baby Curious Sparrow.By the way he lives on the store room ceiling with his mom and dad .He wanted to see the world before he was ready and fell off his nest,trying to take a peek out.Or perhaps it got crowded out there on his nest with his brothers and sisters nudging each other for space.Whatever the reason ,he was promptly placed back into his nest,(among pleadings from the seven year old not to let baby Curious sparrow go back home ),much to the relief of his anxious mamma who was flying all around chirping(calling) out for help.
As a result of this commotion,the seven year old got late and forgot to take his tiffin box and waterbottle to school. Now I have to wait for him to get back and tell me how he quenched his thirst and hunger in school.


  1. That little baby sparrow is just so cute!!! I bet the boys were going nuts! My son goes wild even if sees a pigeon on the balcony once in a while.

  2. Awww! What a cutie! Birds are adorable when they are young....they stay adorable until they start leaving droppings on cars and heads! :)


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