Easter in the Middle East

Happy Easter to all my Blog friends
We had a wonderful Easter service at the church .After service the children went crazy over the coloured Easter eggs that were served along with cakes and masala vadas.It was totally astounding to see the church complex overflowing with people!!!!!!(Many different congregations meet here).No standing space at all!!!!.This ,in a place where any sort of religious manifestation is prohibited outside the church complex.!!!!.We do have a huge church complex here ,however yesterday it looked like ,it would burst at the seams !!!!!

Well if you had been wondering why I am wishing you today,instead of yesterday,

Reason #1 was Blogger didn’t want me to Blog

Reason#2 was my seven year old hit his head on a swing while playing with his friends and had profuse bleeding(probably coz it was afternoon).Thank God he didn't need any stitches even though the cut was pretty deep.He was back to his old self in about half an hr flat.Jumping and running around.

Reason#3 was I was busy cooking the Easter dinner.

Ilove having family over to celebrate festivals together.The more the merrier!!!So Bil and family(dh’s brother)came over for dinner.They will be leaving this country shortly;so I like to have them over at ever given opportunity.What better time than this.

I made Vegetable Pulauv,Lamb Kofta Curry,Fish fry, and Gulab Jamun for desert. Turned out pretty good and everyone relished all that was served.

The children had lots of fun lighting crackers,I was so caught up in the fun, I forgot to get pictures.I guess toddler had the most fun,running around everyone trying to get the sparkles from everyone and me running behind him trying to keep him from getting burnt.

It really was a wonderful day,one of those days you wish would go on and on and never end.


  1. Happy Easter, Raquel!
    Thank God, your little boy wasnt hurt so bad.
    And you are a such a wonderful cook, the dishes are so unfamiliar to me, but it all sounds good =)

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family! Glad to hear that Chris isnt hurt too badly. Hoe it heals soon.
    And all that cooking , wow! you are a good cook. I'm fimiliar to all of that stuff and I love it all.


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