Knitty gritty

Guess I've caught the knitting bug too.Now if I mislead you to believe that I am dusting off my old knitting needles and starting to knit again,my dear friends,I am sorry.I Don't Know to Knit yet.
I've wanted to learn for ages now.I did go out and buy a pair of needles sometime back in hope of finding someone who can teach me to knit.Well I have not been lucky to find someone so I have decided I would teach myself .Which means I will have to run myself over the routine hair tearing ,frustrations and make zillion mistakes before getting the stitches correctly.But still I am bent on learning to Knit.
Of course I found some great teaching sites.Annies Attic has Stitch Guide and then there is Knitting Help , which is just as good as learning from someone near you.
So I am teaching myself to knit from the videos available at these places.Wish me luck.

I have not thrown Crochet away,I am still working on my first fillet piece and also on a Baby bootie that Yasmin and I are working together.And ofcourse I made the snowflake from the thread I got from Mimi yesterday.Looks pretty cool.Hopefully I will be able show you some pictures of my work soon.


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