It looks like Mr K hook got bored being stuck to the yarn all day and decided to do the disappering act on me.I 've turned the house upside down looking for him but he refuses to be found.He seems to have grown legs and run away .I know he's there somewhere in his secret place giggling at my futile efforts to find him.
He's my only K hook .
So please Mr K please please come back.I'm desperate without you for the project we were doing together is stuck half way.You know as well as me that I don't have a chance of replacing you in the near future.Oh don't you see theres none by your name in these parts of the world.So please come back where ever you are and I promise to treat you with much reverance in the future.
truly yours


  1. P.S : Mr K hook, please do go back to Raquel, she is already going through withdrawl symptoms. You are her only hope at the moment! Be a saviour!

  2. I hope that Mister K Hook decides to return to the light of day!-->


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