Never ending postal saga

Its one of those days when you get exasperated and say Oh no Not again!!!!Coz,I just got an email from my friend that both the packages I sent her sometime loooooooooooooong ago never reached her. I had sent her some Christmas ornaments I crocheted the first time and then when it didn’t reach her ,I sent a package of a couple of doilies and some more Christmas ornaments again.

As a consolation,I am trying to imagine ,some one fell so in love with my crocheted stuff that they pinched it all. That seems better than imagining all my packages floating somewhere in outer space. Atleast someone is using it you know.Oh well I will try again and see if I am lucky this time around .


  1. oh, sorry to hear that, Raquel! I'm so glad that the threads I sent arrived to you safely, so I'm speculating that the problem is with the postal service of your friend. I have already sent a lot of letters and packages abroad and so far only one did not arrive. That was the small package of nasal inhaler and vitamins I sent to my sister, which I made a mistake to send as a small packet instead of as a letter post. It might have gotten smashed or lost from among the bigger packages.

  2. I hate it when that happens!! Its so frustrating. First of all, so much love and labour go into it and such disappointment when it doesnt get to right place. Its happened with me too during an exchange, luckily my partner was very understanding and luckily she got the next package safely enough.
    I hope it gets there eventually.


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