No Fos to show

I still don’t have a significant FO to show here .(*Blush Blush*) I have managed to get about five WIPS in the past one or two weeks.How that happened,defeats me!!!! .But here I am slacking in my crocheting lately and throwing all my new year resolutions to the winds!!!!

The moment I sit down to crochet, Toddler takes it upon himself to help mummy crochet and lodges himself right into my lap.After settling himself comfortably,he proceeds the grab the thread I am working on. And then the hook and then attempts to pull away both the thread and hook and pretends to crochet. When I attempt to take it gently from his hand,he gives me a scowl and runs away with it.The moment that happens I know that the battle of untangling the tangled threads,is at hand.

Most of my crocheting time is either lost searching for my stuff(ofcourse mommy's toys are the best) or untangling stuff which results in getting nothing accomplished .(*sniff*)

This morning toddler came in and said he was thirsty and wanted water.He took a sip and decided that he was infact hungry not thirsty.I gave him the froot loops he asked for.I was cooking lunch so while my back was turned he had spilt the water and was throwing down the froot loops.

I got down to clean up the mess, he took the half finished strawberry milk shake on the Kitchen counter and poured it down my back collar and drenching me down the back in milkshake

And clapped happily for a task well done at trying to bathe mumma in Milkshake.

My seven year old thinks we need to make it to the funniest family videos.


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