The Firday that flew away

I always think that Fridays have fewer hours in the day than the rest of the days of the week. It always starts and ends before we even realise its Friday and then its the start of the new week.
Morning was Seven year old's singing competition at the Sunday School.We forgot all about it till yesterday midnight and then suddenly Dh remembered.So we practiced the given song a bit.Then practiced some in the morning.Since we got pretty late,we grabbed some pipping hot crispy filafils enroute to the chruch.Guess what He got the first prize!!!!I was happy , still I felt he could have done better.

He has a great voice and I hope I find some one to train him soon. Havn't been too lucky on that front. Anyways,he's very happy he got all the major(singing ,memory verse and annual exam) prizes he had to get to earn his new bicycle . (believe it or not that will be the fifth bicycle in three years !!!!!!)

Later we took the kids to a local park and this was the new addition to the little menagerie over there.Look at those colours!!!!!! all the colours!!!!

Lunch was at the local Udupi Restaurent.Its a fantastic place to try some authentic,South Indian Vegetarian food.The special thali they had to offer is my current fav.

Evening we had a lovely birthday party .Adiya ,our friend's daughter turned one today She looked so cute all dolled up in her pattu pavadai and choli and the pretty jewellery she wore. She was so happy that she clapped and laughed all the time.It was great meeting a lot of old friends and then some new.I'm looking forward to meeting them again soon.I am so excited about that .The food was just fabulous,the spring rolls they served as starters were yum and the rest of the food was delish too.and it was a perfect party.

I didn't want my Friday to end so fast but it did .The seven year old has his unit tests coming up this week.Tho I don't have reason to worry about his performance,I know I will but will just not let it show.


  1. Congratulations Raquel, you have a gifted son!
    Btw, I cant believe that is a real bird, very pretty!

  2. Thanks Mimi!!! :) yea I know it looks like a statue.It stood like that as long as we were there.


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