"In through the front door,once around the back.................

Day One of my Knitting I learnt to do the double Cast on and to Knit and Purl.............surprisingly without too much frustration .Guess when you expect the worst,things become easier to handle???
Knitting is Easy!!!!..........Not,but I 'm Loving it!!!! (sung to the tune of the McDonald jingle).
Lets not count the countless slip of the needles.if you know what I mean.
The lack of the hook like in the crochet hook in the knitting needles , made it hard for me to hold the yarn in the needle.It kept slipping away from the needle.
Finally at the nth attempt I got to hold the yarn with the needle.Whohooo!!!!

Here are the pictures I took soon after I got those stitches right

Yea, I do hear my imaginary teacher saying " needs more practice",Yes Ma'm I am working on it.
The video tutorials at Knitting Help are awesome!!!!!Clear and very well demonstrated tutorials.


  1. Is this wierd or what? We haven't chatted for days and yet we both start knitiing at the same time , not just that we are at the same level too and to top it all, we have used the same colour yarn as well ! Isnt that soft green? This is getting scary !!!

  2. Great job, Raquel! Go for it!!

  3. Yes, go for it Raquel, its looking good!


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