Look What I found!!!!

Nevermind I grabbed this book inspite of the exhorbitant price or that it had instructions in Japanese, I just couldn't walk past!!!!.It has the symbol charts for the patterns .Anyways I always like to follow charts ; There are so many patterns I love in this book and plan on making.

Don't laugh I am thinking about knitting sweaters already when I am not even good at getting the knits and purls right.Well I am going to need it some day far away on the horizon.

One more thing is that, it is not often you come across pattern books here .

I am feeling so lucky ,so don't be a spoilsport pointing out the price like the boys did.Well what do they know about PAS anyway.

And then just for the heck of it some new colours in my favourite Dmc Perle' Cotton to add to my threads stash.



  1. That is also how I started collecting crochet and knitting books! I couldnt pass it up, and I do believe for those Japanese books, it sure is worth the investment!
    Cant wait to see some beautiful projects you will make, Raquel ;)
    Btw, I also have some of those DMC perle cotton in my stash. Are you going to use those also for doilies? I havent made anything with it, just some little flowers.

  2. Hey Mimi,thanks for the support ;)
    Yes I use the DMC perle cotton to make doilies.I love working with them.


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