Waving Hi from India

Yay!!!I 'm in India!!!!.The toddler had fun playing with his new toy ,I took along for the travel and the seven year old entertained himself watching KingKong. Kindstrangers helped me with the baggages , Bless their kind hearts.

The flight trip was eventless except for the bugging flight purser. The most obnoxious one I've met so far.I don't know what he had against me for having my toddler on my lap,he kept complaining my toddler wasn't sleeping in the bassinet.Ofcourse,its a bed that my toddler is not used to and  he was too big for it anyway.I kept my handbag in the bassinet and he runs up from somewhere (when otherwise whenever I called him he just wouldn't show up at all)to remind me that the bassinet was used to make babies sleep.Yes ofcourse I didn't know that!!!!!!He didn't serve me dinner as I was holding the toddler in my lap and there was no place to keep my food tray.I told him to serve it on my son's serving table,which he chose to ignore.I wan't hungry so I left it at that.

Then brought water the couple of times I asked for juice. And conviently "forgot" to serve breakfast to me and the seven year old until I had to remind him and ask for it. What a great idea of saving money for the airlines he works for !!!!!UGH!!!!!


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