Changes galore!!!!

Changes of more than one kind caught my eye  ever since we landed here.watering in the garden

 The kids are enjoying  waking up early in the morning, to the tweedling of the bulbul,the chirping of the humming bird ,the tweet tweet of the weaverbird and the koookooo of the koel. The  gregarious Mynnas  and seven sisters provide much entertainment  to the guys.They’ve now discovered walking barefoot and watering the plants, getting wet in the water pump,and making mud pies is far more fun  than the games at the entertainment places!!!!!

  Did I mention how much  the palm fruit is available  this year? Well,we’ve befriended the local palm fruit vendor  and he makes sure we get our daily quota of  some really tender sweet and succulent palm fruit,every morning. Palm fruits are natural body coolents and is  most suitable for this heat along with the tender coconuts water.

We got a good harvest of mangoes at Dad’s farm  this year and we’ve had enough and more of yummy yummy mangoes and theres still a lot more left.I know  we will never get fed up of mangoes but for now we’ve had too much ;)

People are going out more on the weekends,most of the restaurents are jampacked,the prices are really high compared to what it was last year .One another thing is there are more and more new houses coming up in our area.When we first built our house here,ours was the only house in the area apart from another house a good distance away.We now have good drinking water inside the house too , yay!!!! earlier,we were at the mercy of the watertank lorries to  get our supply of drinking water and had to run up and down at a crazy speed, filling up every little vessel with water as we  didn’t know when fortune would smile on us and the lorry drivers decide to bring  our  next water supply!!!!  .Until then we had to depend on the salty borewater.

Most conspicuous is the absence of the butterflies and several species of birds in the backyard.There were so many kinds of butterflies that we loved looking at sucking nector from the flowers in the garden .

The lake that was a little farther  up on the road is now converted into a busstand and there are so many flats coming up replacing the old stately mansions that stood there before.

Maids are becoming a lost race as well.Noone seems to be available for doing the hard work and the labour costs also have soared up.Gone are the days we had a maid for every little thing we had to do.We were so spoilt that way that it gets hard to cope.

 However one thing that hasn’t changed one bit is mom’s yummy fish fry and fish curry and her Biryani and Mutton fry.It feels like heaven when we sit on the verandah inhaling the  heady scent of the Jasmine in the air from the garden and feeling the cool evening breeze , chit chatting,sipping coffee  and eating masala vadas, bajis.


  1. Hi there! Been reading your blog, but I realized I had not left comments (coz I wasnt logged in, cant remember my password and I was in a!).
    Glad to know you've been enjoying your vacation :D I love coconuts and mangoes too, so I know I would love it there ;) I also really love the smell of Jasmine tea and cant imagine how sweet and delicate the real flowers smell...

  2. Hi!
    Changed my bloglines links. Thanks and welcome back!

  3. I know just what you mean. But it is so wonderful to be back right? I wish I had more time in India. Howz the rain?

  4. Thanks for stopping by dear friends.I am still in India tho :)


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