Meeting an old friend

I got lucky this year and met my college buddy Akila and her two pretty daughters.I say Lucky coz most of the time I miss meeting my friends as my vacation starts when theirs ends.
Akila apart from my three other friends, were inseperable in college,until Akila got married during the second year of our course.Till the rest of us got married,we often met and had fun catching up from where we left, later it got difficult meeting as we had our own schedules.(We have made it a practise to visit with the parents when ever we are in town and get to know who is doing what these days from the respective parents.)This year,since I came to India early, I met her after nearly eight years.I was nervous if we would be tonguetied and wouldn’t have anything in common anymore,coz we were meeting after a long gap.Little did I realise we would be chattering like in the good old days and not notice how three hours flew by:)

Well later in the week I went and visited my neighbourhood aunts.They either have daughters or sons who are my age.We went to college together(took different streams tho) in the same govt bus.Somehow we all got friendly with the moms too.Now I am as much friends with the aunts as I am with their kids……:)Almost all of them live in other places in India,some in the same state,others else where. It was good catching up and hearing about the nice changes happening in my friends' lives like a New job,a new house the new course and so on.


  1. Hey thats great!! Such a joy to meet old friends. I met up with one of my college buddies aftr 6 years. And yea, it was like we were never away for that long. We went on yap, yap, yap, from the moment we met. I'm so happy for you. So howz the wedding preparations coming along? Is the groom there yet?


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