Its time to party!!!!

So we have a date for the wedding August 18th …………..time to take out all those heavy jewellery,shimmering silks and shop till we drop!!!!!;)……….hmmmmmmmm decisions decisions , should I wear silk all through functions or should I mix in some chiffon and crepe as well………..I think I will wear silks all through as there won’t be too many other occasions for traditional clothes.My future Sil and brother have given me the honour of choosing all the wedding stuff that are supposed to be taken as gifts for the bride from the groom’s side,like the wedding saree, the wedding thali,(a chain and locket worn for the bride during the wedding ceremony by the groom for the bride),the wedding rings, the saree for wearing on the evening on the day before the wedding ,the veil, wreath,bouquet, shoes,etc.]Honestly I am nervous and excited about the choosing part at the same time I am also deeply touched .I hope and pray my Sil will be the sister I never had.

Meanwhile this is one of the silk sarees I recently got, it has the the seven wonders of the world woven in pure silver gold plated zari.My favourite to date!!!!!!


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