Wedding shopping

Every salesman in the silk saree section at almost all the silk stores in T- nagar Chennai now know us.The past few days we were in Chennai,rummaging all the shelves at these silk stores trying to find that brocaded off-white silk saree that our brides wear.In all the stores we went ,there was just one saree.Yea you heard that right !!! just one!!!!Ridiculous isn’t it?? we thought so too.But then the salesmen re-educated us saying people now prefer colours to the off whites and tried to talk us into buying a coloured one, saying they would look better in cameras.For us it was off white or nothing else.And in the end we did buy the saree we wanted.

When we went into to buy clothes for the kids in the Kids section the next day,one of the salesmen recognised us (in the maddening crowd)and inquired kindly if we found the wedding saree we were looking for after all!!!! the poor harassed soul couldn't forget us so easily.I’m pretty sure that these salesmen heaved a big sigh of relief and thanked their lucky stars when we walked out of their shop.

What struck me was the festive mood at Ranganthan Street T nagar . Colourful banners screaming out the fabulous sales each place had to offer, and the teeming crowd, it did look like a carnival.There was literally no walking space ,leave alone parking space , every shop you went to ,was bursting at the seams with shoppers jostling with each other trying to pick out as many dresses/sarees/materials as possible.

The Tamil month of Aadi is considered inauspicious for weddings and other celebrations and a majority of the people don’t shop for clothes during this season.However the Clothes stores have made a mockery of it all introducing the Aadi sales and now people seem to shop the most during Aadi.Clothes are specially manufactured to meet the ever rising demand ,shops vie with one another to draw the maximum customers and people travel from far and near to take advantage of this sale which was introduced to push out the stagnant goods (you know more like the off season sales),!!!
We had forgotten all about the aadi sales when we went shopping and I ended up carrying my toddler and his pram all around ,the toddler on my hip and the pram in my hands for fear of getting crushed in the crowd. What fun !!!!!


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