Hi I'm Back!!!!

We are back after a fantastic vacation in India. Despite the soaring temperatures in India,we had a fabulous time during the wedding, ate all kinds of wedding feasts {the before wedding feast,the wedding feast and after wedding feast.......lol I know I have gained all the weight I worked so hard to lose :) but then how can you not indulge when there is someone coaxing you near by "enjoy the feast now you can always work out and lose those extra kgs ,wedding feasts don't come about often..........sounded like good reasoning to me then with all the array of tempting food in front of me ;)} and had a very relaxing time ,meeting a lot of relatives, shopping and just having good fun!!!!

I spent a total of 3 months in India and it just flew by so fast! So many things to do and so little time to do them :(
I'm having a hard time getting back from the euphoria of the wedding and doing the unpacking and cleaning leave alone just catching up with blogging!

Even though I didn't want to come back from my vacation,and I 'm still feeling homesick,being close to my own computer and my crochet supplies makes it all a bit bearable.

Ofcourse there are are lot of things to get ready with school starting next week for DS#1...........you know getting uniforms ready,back to school shopping ,wrapping covers on books...etc etc
I had a few surprises went I came back here and I mean to show off as soon as I get some work done around the house.


  1. Hi Pearlin! Glad to have you back to normal blogging mode ;) Is it true, you gained some weight?...hehe...like you said,wedding feasts dont come often, so it is good to have enjoyed it all =) I can just imagine how hard it is to leave your country again, but you are lucky to have internet connection and a lot of online friends.
    Hope you catch up with the work soon, with some relaxing crochet on the side too :)

  2. Hi Mimi,thanks for dropping by.Yes I am  truly lucky to have  many online friends ,including you :)


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