It's Celebration time in the J houshold.

Yes,my First Born is Eight today.I can't help but blink and think how this thirty weeks old preemie weighing just 1.8 kgs is now so grown up !!!!!.

It all seems like yesterday when they gave me this startled teeny tiny skinny baby to hold for a few seconds before rushing him into the ICU.

and there were days when I used to lay awake in bed  ,wondering if my weak little baby would survive .I remember  pestering the doctor with all sorts of questions ,and spend sleepless nights wondering if he'd be hale and healthy like other kids his age. Will his eyelashes and eye brows ever grow.........I was so proud to bring him home from the hospital

It all looks like a dream now when I look at my little survivor,all boy,talking incessantly about cars and car races and Power Rangers SPD,Beyblade,helping out around the house,coming out first in sports ,studies and singing.......... so every time his birthday comes around I am filled with this sense of awe,disbelief and relief that the initial nightmarish days are over.............I think God has been very merciful to me and my baby and I am blessed .

Happy Birthday Baby I can hear that embarrassed "shhhhhhh............don't say baby boy mumma......"ringing in my ears:)


  1. Pearlin, you have done such a wonderful job as a mom, and your son is lucky. Of course you are too, after all the trials, you can look back with a sigh of relief and a sense of accomplishment!

  2. Thanks Mimi!!!!Yes I am lucky its all behind me now:)

  3. Please wish him a very 'Happy Birthday ' from me.Big hugs and kisses too ( although I know , he'd hate the kisses!!! lol!). Wow! Time flies and things change and kids grow up !!!

  4. Yay !!! Finally ! My comment went through ...after all this time.

  5. Yay Yasi !!!!So good to see you here!!!!!Thanks I will wish him for you.You are rt about the kisses Lol!!!!


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