Weird things

Apart from the few not really weird weird things I have in common with Swapna who tagged me(thanks :) ) ,here are six other weird things about me..........,to me these are perfectly normal while others ,read dh,think its completely weird.

1.Whenever I buy something I usually buy them in pairs .Like two pens ,four crochet hooks etc.

2.I always finish lunch with yogurt and chocolate.

3.As soon as I come back from some place,I need to wash my feet,hands and face.

4.When I read a book ,I usually read the last chapter first and then start reading from the first chapter.Same thing goes for movies as well,I need to know the story before I see it.Often end up watching a movie in the fastforward mode first and then watch it again in the normal mode.

5.When I am on the phone with someone ,I draw pictures or scribble,as I talk and keep a pen and paper handy just for this purpose.

6.I want to bungee jump atleast once in my life.

 its for you to decide if its weird or not

I wanna tag Mimi .


  1. Hi Pearlin! I also dont think what you mentioned is weird, just some peculiarities that arent hard to get used to.
    Thanks for tagging me, but I've decided before not to do memes on my blog. First of all its because I dont write well. And second, I find myself boring. THat's all. That's what's weird about me. I dont read books (novels), and I dont watch movies (in theaters and on t.v.).
    I love chocolates, and I always have a bar in the ref, and my younger son and I fight over it ;)
    Ok, some more...Before, when I leave the house, I always have to buy something, anything, I dont want to come home not having bought anything...but now I'm different, that's why I said I'm boring...hehe...

  2. Hi! Thanks for doing the meme. I don't think any of that is weird except maybe #4...I could never do that with a book!

  3. Thanks Mimi for doing the Meme just for me here on my Blog. That is so sweet of you!!!I don't think you are boring at all and enjoy reading your Blog very much.
    You know what I still do the last shopping thing you mentioned........hahahaha

    Swapna ,it was a fun Meme to do :)


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