Amen:I'm alive

My painting lessons started again the past week . I am trying to do my first Tanjore Painting.I have just prepared the board .Which is a task in itself.Needless to say its going to be a long time before I finish it.I have chosen a fairly small picture so I can really enjoy working on it.

I learnt about this lady who teaches Knitting ,from the ladies at the painting class.So I am planning to take Knitting lessons as well from this month.Although I taught myself the basics, nothing beats having someone show you how to do the stitches and talk about the stuff you make.Can you tell I'm excited?!!

The whole family is under the weather with cough and flu and irritability.I just hope it will all go away soon and we can enjoy this fine weather we are coming into after the tiring hot summer months.


  1. It's good to see that you're back. Hmm...looks like the painting classes are going well. What is Tanjore painting? I'd love to the pictures when done.
    I'm so excited for you. Do tell how your knitting class goes. I wish I could get someone to teach me knitting out here. I'm learning on my own but like you said there is a big difference. But I'm hoping and always on the lookout.
    I hope you family is in better health soon especially as the good weather is just around the corner.

  2. I also hope your family get well soon, Pearlin...

    I'd love to see pictures too of your painting, and pls give us more details like what kind of paint you use.

    Good to know you are serious to learn to knit. I would love to see you make something with combined knitting and crochet...coz that's what I wanted to do but havent gotten to it yet ;)


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