Gifts from the west!!!!!

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Remember I said I got a few surprises,well not surprises really. Shelle ,my online friend,offered to donate some yarns if I would pay the postage.Would I ever say 'No' to such a lovely offer!!!!So when I came back from my vacation,a box of goodies was waiting patiently for me to open!!!!This is what was in the box!!!!.

Yummy yummy yarn,Beads,two Tunisian hooks and straight bambo handles,a round rattan bag handle.She also sent me some freepattern slips.Some of these yarns I've never seen before,or even heard of!!!! In that heap above were these delicious yarns!!!!!!

Now I need to think of projects for these yarns.I think the FunFur will turn into a knitted scarf for my three year old niece,who shares the same birthday with my toddler.The Moda dea are going to be socks,Shelle sent me a easy crochet pattern for that as well. The Homespun is already shaping up to be a wrap.

The speed with which these yarns got here was the surprise element.

Thanks a lot for these lovely yarns Shelle you are so generous!!!! :)

I am open to all suggestions as to what would look good for what yarn.So what do you think I should make?


  1. Lovely goodies, Pearlin! I've had my share from generous friends and swappers too. Didnt know what to do with them either :p
    But after some time I had made several scarfs, a hat and a bag. I think you may find something you want to do from Lionbrand free patterns, since most of it is made from yarn ;)

  2. Definitely use the fun fur for a kids scarf. Hold on to the yarn, pet it, look at it and I promise something will suddenly come up that you can make with it. I've had yarn sitting for two years when, BAM, the perfect project.

  3. Wow! You've been so lucky ! Good for you. Make sure you spend plenty of time just petting the yarn before start working on it .
    Lovely stuff you got there and I think now we can expect to see some more of your beautiful crochet.

  4. Thanks Mimi,Deneen and Yasmin for sharing my excitement and for your suggestions ;)

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