I do crochet

and this is proof.This has grown a little bit more,since I took this picture. Looks like I will run out of thread before I complete this project..........

On the other hand I have some more gifts to show off. Just couldn't take the pictures to show here.

Everyone in my family has decided I am the artistic one in the family *gasp* and so have gone the extra mile to encourage my "talent" *gasp again*.


  1. I really like that color and the design is beautiful. That is great your family is embaracing your talent.

  2. I'm not hearing compliments or encouragement yet from my family regarding my "talent", again except for my youngest sis.

    I like the design of that, Pearlin, I think its a table runner?

  3. Yes Mimi its a table runner
    Unlike me,your talent is for real Mimi.I am sure the rest of your family will recognise that very soon. :)

  4. Oh! That looks beautiful! Very elegant! It's nice to be appreciated, isn't it? How kind of your family to say so.

  5. Thanks Sue .Yes it feels good to be appreciated . Its wonderful to see you here.

  6. Thats a very pretty runner. A delicate design too. Good work. You do good work and it's nice that your family recognises it. Good for you , girl!
    I have to practically force my family to look at the stuff I make, otherwise I can imagine they won't even notice it even if I kept it right in the front.

  7. Hi Pam
    Thanks .Its great to see you here. :)


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