Is he the sweetest or what!!!!

Its been raining lately here in Q8 and I'm dancing in the rain grinning ear to ear.......... coz its raining gifts!!!!!

I got a wonderful surprise from my dear little brother .Knowing my brother this is a surprise with a Big S!!!

in there i've got

Wool of the Andes 100% Peruvian highland wool:in Tan,Hollyberry,Fern and Chocolate.

Andean silk 55% superfine Alpaca 23%silk and 22% Merino wool, in Slate and Pitch,

Shine sport:60%Pima cotton 40% Modal in Sand and

Decadence in Winterberry is 100% superfine Alpaca..........

all I can say about these yarns are WOW its a dream come true!!!!.So soft ,silky and yummy I could pet them all day!!!..................added to the pack was a post script that read "when you are done with this let me know,I'll get you more" sweet is that!

Anyways constantly rambling about Knit Picks and the wonderful, delicious yarns they have to a completely disinterested listener does have its does having a dear little brother who will go to any lengths to shut his older sister's mouth!!!! ;)


  1. Wow! How nice of your brother. You must tell us what you are planning to do with them. Are they wool or some other fibre? They look gorgeous. Have lots of fun with them!

  2. wow I hardly finished posting and I have a comment waiting for me how coool!!!.Thanks Swapna.I have edited the post add details abt the yarn.I still havn't decided what to do with the yarn.I am enjoying just petting them. :)

  3. Wow, it looks like a downpour of gifts for you Pearlin! Most probably your brother reads your blog and knows how he can surprise you ;)
    Only one in my family really reads my blog, that's my youngest sister...

  4. How terrific of your younger brother-so thoughtful.

  5. Thanks Mimi,No Mimi, noone in my family knows of my Blog.

    Thanks Deneen.

  6. What a great surprise. Neither of my brothers would ever do that for me. You got yourself a very great guy as your brother.
    Please do share what you plan on making with it.

  7. Thanks for the compliment Kel and also for visiting my blog.:)

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