The Knit tale

Well my classes havn't started yet. :(

I thought they would start this month beginning.Apparently the teacher is busy with some festival preparations and other things.

Being the impatient girl that I am ,I couldn't wait any longer for the classes to start,I had to knit something. So I made a scarf with the Bernat Frenzy Yarn .

The yarn had a pattern on its label that looked easy enough . K1 Purl 1 all along.I am so proud I did it with no help!!I did a little alteration to the pattern.(!)Since I havn't learnt to do the purl cast off yet.I knit both the ends and did the knit cast of.

There are a few mistakes here and there and I'm sure a casual eye can't catch it as the fuzzy yarn covers it all up so well.I kept forgetting if I made the Knit stitch or the Purl stitch above.Yup I still have trouble recognising which is Knit and which is Purl.Anyways I think the scarf has turned out nicely for a beginner.And oh the stitch pattern looks like little seeds,so guess it must be the seed stitch .Cute stitch if you ask me. Added bonus is that the scarf is soooo soft and drapes nicely.

I have been lazy about taking pictures.I have this knitted scarf to show and then a crocheted drawstring bag and then a wip . All simple and small projects. Talking of the WIP,its my second Knitting project,a garter scarf.Knitting teacher or not ,Knit I will. If you havn't guessed it yet, yes ,the needles are threatening to take over the hook ;)


  1. I want to see pics, Pearlin ;)
    I also made a knitted scarf for my sis last year, I know I had made a few mistakes, but the yarn is very nice (boucle)-it looked pretty and my sister loved it ;)


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