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Here are the pictures of the Knit scarf and the Drawstring bag I was talking about.

The pattern for the scarf came from the wrapper on the yarn.Used up two Skeins of Bernat Frenzy and 6.5 mm Pony Straight Knitting Needles.The Bernat yarn sheds up a bit.The Mohair in the yarn is a bit scratchy for my too sensitive skin. And being a first time user of Mohair blend ,thought,the yarn had hair woven into it.*yikes silly me*Over all the scarf is soft and cozy .

The pattern for the drawstring bag is from Truelove Creations.I used one and a half skeins of Schachenmayr nomotto Catania Colour 100% cotton varigated yarn and 3.5mm Inox hook.I think it is size three not sure of that tho.

This yarn(specially this colour) sold like hot cakes here inspite of the price(quiet expectedwhen they appear once in a blue moon) and disappeared as soon as they appeared in the shop.

The yarn feels and looks almost like a nylon mix .It also has this beautiful sheen to it ,feels silky and is easy to work with.What more do you want!!!

I like the way the varigated yarn adds character to the bag without any special pattern. The colourway itself forms a pattern which I think is cool while working with varigated thread.Thats one of the reasons why I love varigated yarn/thread so much.Here this bag looks like it is woven rt?atleast to me it looks like that. :)

I want to make a matching scrunchy with the left over yarn .Havn't got down to it yet as I want to finish the garter stitch scraf too all at the same time!!!Wish I had a few more pairs of hands and a few more hours in the day!!! ;)


  1. They came out nicely-I love variegated yarn also.

    For the Frenzy scarf, you can hand wash it in some gentle soap and add a bit of hair conditioner to it. Rinse it well, roll it in a towel to get rid of the excess moisture and lay it flat to dry. This would help get rid of some of the shedding and soften it up a bit.

  2. Yay, the scarf is lovely and the bag is cute!

  3. Love that bag ...I can understand why that thread is gone in no time. It's beautiful. The varigated thread does wonders for the bag but then so is your , so neat !
    The scarf is pretty too. Really good for someone who is new to knitting. It looks pretty soft too.

  4. Deneen Mimi and Yasmin thanks for your kind words.Your comments motivates me a lot!!

    Deneen Thanks for the tip.I will definetly try it. :)


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