This that and everything

*gripe gripe* (know that you've been warned its a whine that follows)

Too many things happening all at once makes me think something is seriously wrong with the constellation of my stars.Nah ,I don't believe in astrology and all that stuff .But you know, how it all goes ,like a crumbling pack of cards......hit one and they all fall down.
First the its flu time for the family .We all know ,Mommies can't afford to get sick. She just needs to pop in a pill and run about taking care of things that need to be taken care of. She can't lie down and rest with a cranky toddler and a grumpy eight year old ,who are also sick.She can only wish her mommy was nearby .

Then Mommy loses her voice in the winds of the desert sands.All anyone can hear when she opens her mouth is her miserable squeak and even when she is dead serious about something,she is greeted with giggles and smirks followed by out bursts of laughter by all the guys in the household . :( It never is a good thing to be a lone girl among these guys,you know.
That got better and when she could sigh in relief ,her eye glasses break and just in time to remind her, no ,her woes are not over yet. Not just hers ,but the older offspring's as well.Now we all know that eye glasses cost a fortune.Somethings can't be put of .When that got checked off the list,the telephone went dead for a week.Since the computer is connected to the phone,that meant no internet as well.

So thats my list of woe is me for the week...........wait ,wait it wasn't all misfortune the whole week.

There was one event that made us grin ear to ear,like the sunbeam behind the clouds.We got lucky playing Housie Housie.We won the top line of the bingo.And got a Flash light for a gift.A really nice one.We've never won anything based on luck .Infact,its a miracle of miracles.My dh and I have the unlucky people mark printed in bold letters on our foreheads on both sides of the family :) And we've never bothered getting tickets for such games before.


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