Upcoming Festivies

Today is A's last day in school,before it closes for the Diwali and Id hols.He has a class party and had to take snacks for it.He wanted me to make some traditional sweets, Gulab jamuns (ofcourse from the mix,I can never make from scratch) and Kesari .But it can get very messy and so I convinced him to take the other stuff.He was happy with cupcakes,chocolate swiss rolls ,sev and juice I sent.

As for the clothes, he went Indo western,with a Kurta shirt and Jeans.Funny how he is becoming quite style conscious these days. :D Tried on at least three shirts before deciding on the one he wore to school today !!

Today is also his Diwali card making competition.I sent a few ribbons,handmadepaper,flower stickers and glue sparkles that I had at hand.We got notice yesterday evening the competition is today.Dh had to go to India yesterday evening on a very short notice,so we had no time to shop or plan on what kind of card to make.Last year he got the first prize.So this year he kept asking me "will I win this year also"I said" you do your best it'd be great if you win this year also, but if you don't there's always another year to try"That seemed to calm him down a bit and said he wasn't nervous anymore.

Now that Diwali is approaching ,he's been talking nonstop about crackers.Last year was a blast.The kids in all our building pooled up their crackers and had fun lighting them.This year,since most of the buildings around are getting demolished,the big gang is gone.I have still promised to light some diyas (small earthernware lights)and buy some fire crackers.We will have to hunt for friends to light them with.


  1. Your scarf and bag are just lovely great job on them.

  2. Your son is very lucky to have such a wonderful mom!

  3. Thanks Andrea for dropping by and your kind comments
    Awww Sue thanks !!


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