A quick Update

Monday,my twenty Snowflakes are done.Now all I need to do is block them.I found some ready to print templates here,which I think is very neat.This site also has a blocking pattern and great tips.

Next ,the Sweater for A is almost done just need to sew on the sleeves.For my first time ,I think it has turned out pretty well and miracle of miracles,it actually fits!!!

Not having the camera to take pictures is very frustrating . I think it needs a new battery ,whatever,I just wish I have it soon with me.I am trying to keep my mind away from it by finishing off all the WIPs.I guess while I was sleeping my WIPs grew ,coz last time I knew there were none but now I think there are atleast four.

Two half done coasters,the sweater and a Scarf.No, that should be two scarves since I am making another garter scarf.

That reminds me ,I have to finally decide if I need the knitting teacher or not. I paid my fees in advance but havn't had one good class to speak of.We were supposed to have eight classes.And whenever I call to confirm my class she always has an engagement. Do I really need this stress?

Serves me right, for paying in haste............ now I repent in leisure *banging head on wall*


  1. Why don't you write down a few questions you have about knitting and keep them in a notebook-try and pin her down for a class and ask those specific questions-maybe once those are answered for you, you won't punish yourself for paying in haste-at least you got something out of it.

  2. Oh, sorry to hear about the knitting teacher, Pearlin. I would probably have found myself in the same situation as you, when I'm eager to do something. Try not to be anxious and just keep on pushing her for the class.
    I cant wait to see pics of your snowflakes! I started on it, but I think I stopped at three :(

  3. Cool! you have 20 snowflakes already . That's great . I hope your camera is fixed soon ...I want to see the pictures. Congratulations on the sweater too.
    Too bad about the knitting classes though. I hope things work out.


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