Can't Believe this happened!!!!

We were out doing winter shopping yesterday.Dh and I were looking at the clothes and the children were entertaining themselves hiding behind the clothes racks trying to find each other.The toddler was wearing the cap I made him .He was still wearing it when I saw a minute earlier,I turn to look at him again,it gone.So we comb whole the place(pretty small ) no ,nada ,none.The cap vanished without a trace!!!!

Our guess is that someone flicked it when a gust of shoppers poured exactly for a minute and dispersed just as fast as they came.

I can't believe is someone took a fancy to what I made .More so because it was a well worn cap though it looked new. I am tickled pink by the thought, no in fact I am even flattered ;)

Dh was the one who was very upset by the lost object.It seems he loved that both the boys got to wear matching hats handmade by me. It was pretty well worn too .oh well...things do happen you can't help.

The only thing I am upset about is that ,I won't get that yarn ever again here .I could recycle the yarn from the blanket I made earlier to go with the caps.But I want to make a drawstring bag with it.So if I have left overs from that I will make another cap.I love this varigated yarn.

This is the picture of the cap I am talking about.Ofcourse ,an old picture,which I took as soon as I made them long time back. I wanted to post the picture of the boys wearing it together but couldn't find it so......


  1. Hey ! How rude snatch away a cap from a toddler's head!!! Someone is down right disgusting. Thank God, they didn't end up pushing or hurting the kid. It's shocking how we find things like these happening here nowadays. It used to be so safe for kids to run around unattended.
    On a totally different note, I can imagine you being flattered about your crocheted article getting picked!! But yeah ,I guess if they like it enough to steal it then you had created something beautiful really - stealable!

  2. I agree with Yasmin.
    No wonder someone took it, it is an attractive hat! I would be upset too, especially since the yarn is hard to come by. yes, that would make a nice purse too ;)


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