Having a good memory surely helps

Yesterday A had a blast at school at the party.They had several contests and he won the Memory Game.Its the one where they keep several stuff on a table,give you a minute to check out and then close it with a sheet. You are supposed to write down all that you saw in a paper.A got 9 things out of 12 right .He got a lovely pen holder for a Second Prize.

So that was occasion enough to go out to Pizza Hut and have some fun .

It seems like Children's day was celebrated only upto fifth grade in his school so A was full of questions , like if Chacha Nehru only loved children upto fifth grade .Did it mean after fifth grade you are not a child anymore and so on.

He said he can't wait to grow up, so I said,

"when you are grown up you can't have all the fun you have now so don't wish to grow up too soon"

He goes "No mumma I will grow up and still have fun"

That hit something deep in me .Out of the mouth of babes ,a reminder not to forget to have fun even if we are grown up.


  1. My daughter claims as a grown up, you can do whatever you want, whenever. Sigh--to have that be really true.

  2. Congratulations A! Way to go!

    The memory is always alot sharper when we are young. lol Another reason not to grow up :)

  3. Deneen,my son says the same thing.*rolls eyes*
    Kelly I agree with you for the memory being sharp when we are younger.Thats another reason why we shouldn't grow up either :)


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