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Saturday,I finally got hold of  had a class  with the Knitting teacher.We have agreed to do a few patterns  for two hours a week since I already know the basics.

I was totally surprised that she follows no kind of pattern and whatever pattern she teaches is her own design.Nothing written out to follow.You know, like how it must have been in ages past.  Though I am  excited I 'm learning something new,its  a little frustrating for me at the same time coz I can't make head or tail of what we are making.I need to have everything in black and white in front of me.

Of-course I told her I want to make stole.So we are going to make several squares  in different patterns and  would later join them with crochet.That way I can learn an assortment of patterns.I got some crappy yarn for the purpose.  And we made a small square .

I'm sure though I'll get the hang of it after a while.  Anyways I am glad this  worked out and thanks for the support .I felt so much better after reading your comments.

We are on our family mission of getting little M potty trained.He seemed ready but we found out this potty training is no fun game.

Needless to say,I am  frustrated, coz  this is  a  too- much stress- for- me- and -back- breaking -work phase . I keep telling myself its just a matter of time,although it looks like ages now.

This is a first time experience with Potty Training my kid .With A we were in India,it was a breeze training him as we started pretty early.And whatever experts have to say on the subject,Imo , the earlier  the better.  that is ,start before they learn to say "No". So why am I blabbering all this , I leave that for you to guess*sigh*

oh and if you pass by our flat and  hear  all singing and clapping  and Shouts of Yays , it isn't a bunch of nutcases  living there,its all just the part of the training programme. 


  1. I dont know why, but most everything I did raising up my first son was quite easy (even my pregnancy). With my second son, everything was much harder. Good luck on potty training, you'll get over it soon ;)
    I also cant wait to see photos of your knitting projects :)

  2. Good luck with the potty training.....I had a tough time with too. Don't worry you'll survive, even though you may end up a back-acher!
    Good to hear that you did end up getting to knitting classes. Looks like you'll learn new stuff. Can't wait to see your knitting projects.


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