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Happy Children's day .A has a party in school to celebrate Children's day,today.Needless to say he was super excited all week .Will have to wait till later today to know how fun it was.

Meanwhile I completed Mimi's Radiant Coaster.Its a beautiful and simple pattern.View it near a window where soft gloomy light of the winter morning peeps in,the effect is ethereal ,when that metallic filament on the thread catches the soft light and gives out a little twinkle .

Another FO I have is the Pretty In Pink Stole .It does look pretty.You can never go wrong with shells imo.Details about it will follow when I post pictures

People have you noticed I finally HAVE FOs but no pictures to show thats coz my camera is not working .I don't know why.Its still at the repair shop.


  1. Cant wait to see your FO pics, Pearlin! what lovely description of the radiant coaster ;)
    Happy Children's Day, hope they have a lot of fun!


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