Just in time for Christmas

I got a new camera Canon Ixus 65,pretty neat if you ask me, with a 6 megapixel resolution and 3X zoom and 3" LCD……..and to my cater to my craziness to capture every moment on to the camera,I got a 1GB memory card…. :D

Friends,be ready to be bombarded with pictures now :) now that you have been warned well in advance,on to other wonderful stuff happening here.

The package I was expecting from Mimi arrived.What I wasn't expecting was the surprise that came in the package.

I was absolutely speechless ,when I saw these that came with a warm note attached to it.

I love how Mimi's made me feel so special this Christmas time with this P .

Also I'm honoured to receive some of her patterns.Really can't wait to start working with these threads.

It was A's Sunday school Christmas programme today .So we all went to watch him sing the Twelve days of Christmas .He sang solo,the eighth day .

Yesterday we had a fun time memorising the song and singing together. Me with my croaking(thanks to the sore throat.......yup,its still there, now with an added ear ache.......but we will ignore those,coz its Christmas time) provided much entertainment to A&M,when I hit a high note.

Inbetween we squeezed in a bit of a clothes shopping for Christmas,we buy new clothes for Christmas.We don't do the gift thing as such,although the children have loads of gifts, they got from Santa, at their Sunday school .
I digress... the point is......I was looking for a jeans with fitted waist for my size.Believe me, the biggest was size eight in the whole store.Now apart from the hint that I am over size eight , is that also hint from I –don't-know -where, that people above size eight are not supposed to wear jeans with a fitted waist? dh thinks,it a good hint to think about reducing some blubber that has got stuck at the middle of my body......hmmmm I need to think about it,I'd rather do the suction thing than exercise ......... I am that lazy :)

Tomorrow,I am going to try and bake some cookies, that is if my oven is still working.Last time I used it was sometime during the last Christmas season.Ever since then ,it has been the toddler's hiding place, for all things that catch his fancy.I am pathetic when it comes to baking , not one to accept I can't do it,I am planning to try and bake some cookies from the ready made box. Ofcourse I will make some Indian goodies to add to the Christmas cheer.........and get fatter in the process of eating all that.
I wanted to do a bit of flashing here,before you start getting ideas ;) I meant to flash my Christmas tree here, :) lets just say its not ready for the flash yet,my enthusiastic toddler pulled it down trying to decorate it with a tinsel...........so its in the process of getting redecorated again.

And in keeping with the spirit of the season,I changed my blog theme .I intend to keep this on till I take down our Christmas tree.

Now that I have rambled enough to hold till after Christmas,and maybe the New Year.........Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!!!!


  1. Yay! Congrats on the new camera Pearlin ;) I'm sure your boys would love to have more pictures of themselves, esp on school activities.
    I'm happy that you liked what I sent you, and most of all that it all arrived safely :)
    Btw, does it help if I say I'm a size 10 for pants? And I'm a size 8 sometimes for tops. I look thin, but I have some flabs on my stomach, that I try to minimize just by walking and stretching some more. It would help if you try not to think of it as a separate activity, what they call "exercise". To me its part of how you move each day and incorporated into your everyday routine...

  2. Mimi is incredible, isn't she? Have a wonderful Holiday!!!


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