Our Tuesday

Tuesday was the Sunday School Christmas Tree programme for A and M.

Big brother A did a song ,a dance, and also took part in the Manger scene dressed as one of the Wisemen.He looked very handsome,even if I say that ,with the crown and all the glittering robe.

Little brother M was supposed to be another Wiseman.He refused to wear the costume ,so he took part in the manger wearing a sweater and jeans . We got a giggle trying to imagine he was the poor little drummer boy sans the drum :)

Towards the end ,however, he really got into the programme .While the choir sang 'Silent Night' he agreed to carry candles,yep two candles, one in each hand and walked down the aisle along with the other kids.

I was so nervous that he'd put the candle near his face,I kept walking near him much to his irritation .He kept asking me to leave him alone ..........saying" peeeeze gooooooooo " causing a wave of suppressed laughter among the congregation.

Finally it was time for Santa to make his grand entry and little M stuck to him like glue, the rest of the evening.The candy handouts did the trick I guess.

I had to capture all the pictures on my mind's eye coz we still don't have the camera . :( Dh and I can't seem to decide which one we want to get .We've made several trips to and fro but still are running around without a camera.

We have the video of the whole thing in the chruch so we havn't lost much.


  1. Wow! That is soooo precious. Another one of those cherished moments. Good to hear that the boys had a good time.

  2. Yes, those are precious moments! I can capture some images of those in my mind, as those scenes are familiar to me when my sons were in grade school ;)


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